DeVante Parker's coming-out party in 2019 was highlighted by a spectacular performance in the season finale against the New England Patriots and more specifically against NFL Defensive Player of the Year Stephon Gilmore.

Gilmore was so good last year that NFL on FOX Monday whether it was tougher to, A, make a catch while guarded by Gilmore or, B, break up a pass while guarding New Orleans Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas, who last year set the NFL record for catches in a season with 149.

Parker replied A on Instagram, no doubt as a sign of respect for Gilmore, who faces twice a year as rivals in the AFC East.

Welll, that answer didn't fly with Thomas, and that started a back-and-forth between the two wide receivers.

"For you yes," Thomas replied. "Go run some numbers up. Then you can talk. I lapped you and you been in the league longer than me first rounder."

Parker came back with a direct message to Thomas: "got some hard feeling there brotha??? Let me get targeted 300 times a game."

The two went back and forth, with Parker sending three messages to Thomas' five.

For the record, Thomas was targeted 185 times in 2019, 28 times more than anybody else in the league. While he did lead in targets, catches and yards, Thomas was 68th in average per reception at 11.68.

Parker and Thomas, ironically, were tied for fourth in the NFL in touchdown catches with nine. Parker was fifth in receiving yards with 1,202 and ninth in average at 16.69.

In that season finale at New England, Parker caught eight passes for 137 yards while being covered by Gilmore pretty much the whole game. The 137 yards represented the highest total by any Patriots opponent last season.

Parker apparently had fun with the whole thing because later Monday night he put out that consisted strictly of two laughing emojis.