So gaming enthusiasts are excited about EA Madden '21, which has unveiled its trailer in advance of the release of the game.

The graphics, as usual, are impressive and the action looks almost life-like.

One of the game action sequences in the trailer shows New England cornerback Stephon Gilmore knocking the ball away from Dolphins wide receiver DeVante Parker as he's about to come down with the ball.

While it's fair to give Gilmore respect — after all, he was the NFL Defensive Player of the Year last season — it's not an accurate depiction of what happened when Parker had a big game at Gillette Stadium last December.

For those who might have forgotten, Parker ended that game with eight catches for 137 yards, the most by any New England opponent last year.

And most of Parker's damage came when he was covered by Gilmore, as we'll prove with video evidence.

Target 1 — First quarter, second-and-9 from the Miami 12: Parker gets behind Gilmore for a 28-yard reception.

Target 2 — First quarter, first-and-10 from the Patriots 45: Parker makes a 21-yard reception after completely turning Gilmore around.

Target 3 — Second quarter, third-and-5 from the Dolphins 32: Gilmore has tight coverage and Ryan Fitzpatrick's pass goes incomplete.

Target 4 — Second quarter, first-and-10 from the Miami 25: New England was in zone coverage and Parker caught an 18-yard pass.

Target 5 — Second quarter, second-and-10 from the Miami 20: Fitzpatrick tries to hit Parker deep down the right sideline but overthrows the pass.

Target 6 — Third quarter, first-and-10 from the Miami 17: Gilmore has tight coverage when Parker runs a slant, but Fitzpatrick delivers a perfect pass for a 10-yard gain.

Target 7 — Fourth quarter, second-and-10 from the Patriots 46: Parker is lined up in the slot on the right and makes an easy catch for 23 yards with Gilmore playing way off.

Target 8 — Fourth quarter, third-and-5 from the Patriots 14: Parker is lined up wide left and cuts off his route and runs across the field as Fitzpatrick faces pressure. Gilmore lets go of Parker and he ends up being covered by safety Duron Harmon.

Target 9 — Fourth quarter, second-and-12 from the Dolphins 47: This is the first play after the two-minute warning and Parker outjumps Gilmore for a 24-yard gain down the right sideline.

Target 10 — Fourth quarter, first-and-10 from Patriots 29: Parker follows his nice leaping grab with an easy pitch-and-catch with Fitzpatrick, as Gilmore gives him a lot of cushion.

Target 11 —Fourth quarter, first-and-10 from the Patriots 17: Again, Gilmore gives Parker a big cushion and Fitzpatrick makes the easy throw for an 8-yard gain, and Mike Gesicki will score the game-winning touchdown two plays later.

In the final breakdown, Parker had seven catches for 119 yards when guarded by Gilmore. That's an impressive afternoon's work, even though that's not what EA Madden '21 would have you believe.