Eagles Position Examination: Quarterback (It Starts with Carson Wentz)

So much of what Philly does here will depend on what decisions are made about Wentz

Quarterback was always the easiest of the positions to examine the past several seasons for the Eagles.

Since 2017, Carson Wentz was always at the top of the list, with a sprinkling in of Nick Foles, Nate Sudfeld, and Josh McCown.

Times, they are a-changin'.

This is the first in a series examining each position on the Eagles, and it begins with a bang, something that hasn't been said about the QB spot since Wentz came along in 2016.

Believed to be the franchise quarterback for the next decade when he was plucked second overall that year, Wentz’s run as such may be over after five years. Heck, Doug Pederson lost his job just three years after winning the Super Bowl, so why not Wentz, too?

Actually, Wentz already lost his job for the final month of the 2019 season, and that’s what makes this examination so difficult.

Will he be back?

Will he be the starter if he is?

Will Jalen Hurts take over?

And what if Wentz doesn’t return, does it automatically mean Hurts is the starter?

If Wentz does go, the Eagles would have only Hurts under contract, so they would have to find at least two to add to the roster.

My guess is the Eagles would add a veteran QB in free agency and draft another one.

The big question is, would they draft a quarterback sixth overall, maybe even try to trade up with the Dolphins to grab one at No. 3 where Miami currently resides?

So many questions and so few definite answers right now, in early February.


Jalen Hurts (he finished the season as the starter, so he’s listed first)

Carson Wentz

Gone: Nate Sudfeld. An unrestricted free agent, he is likely moving on after three-plus seasons.

Note: A position, obviously, subject to change – great change.


The Eagles aren’t going to have much to spend, but one that might make sense to bring in is Jacoby Brissett because of the obvious connection with Nick Sirianni. Just 28, Brissett isn’t exactly a veteran presence yet, but, hey, he’s not that much younger than most of the Eagles’ staff, including Sirianni.

Maybe someone like Tyrod Taylor, who just wrapped up his 10th year in the league as Justin Herbert’s backup, could come with a decent price tag.


Here’s where it could get interesting and Wentz’s future will dictate what could happen in the draft.

NFL Media's Bucky Brooks released his first mock draft on Tuesday and had five quarterbacks taken in the first 19 picks. In order they were Trevor Lawrence (Jaguars at No. 1), Justin Fields (Jets at No. 2), Zach Wilson (Falcons at No. 4), Trey Lance (Panthers at No. 8) and Mac Jones (WFT at No 19).

Maybe the Eagles find one of those to their liking to compete with Hurts and whichever other QB is brought in.

Even if Wentz stays, maybe the Eagles take another QB, perhaps on either the second or third day of the draft.

Texas A&M’s Kellen Mond had a good Senior Bowl, so maybe he’s in the mix.

Florida’s Kyle Trask was developed by Eagles QB coach Brian Johnson, who was the Gators’ OC last year and could still be around when the Eagles’ are on the clock in the second round.

There are options aplenty, but it all depends on Wentz and whether he returns or not.


The Eagles could explore a deal for Chicago’s Nick Foles, something involving Zach Ertz perhaps? Foles’ salary cap hit in 2021 is $6.6 million. Not terrible for a former Super Bowl MVP who always seems to be at his best when he is in Philadelphia.

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