Nick Sirianni still Wrestling with Doug Pederson's Parting Gift - a QB Controversy

At his first news conference as the Eagles' head coach, Sirianni didn't give up too much information about
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Nick Sirianni has spoken to both Carson Wentz and Jalen Hurts.

What was said, well, he wasn’t saying.

The new Eagles coach met with the media for the first time on Friday afternoon and did not want to delve into much detail about either of his quarterbacks.

This is the mess dropped in his lap by Doug Pederson, the former coach’s final gift – a quarterback controversy.

“I've talked to Carson,” said Sirianni. “We've had a good conversation. I know he's talked to our offensive coordinator (Shane Steichen), as well. Just excited, again, to work with him as we move forward here.”

And Hurts?

“Same conversation with him, is that I'm really excited to work with him,” said Sirianni. “We studied him last year. Had a great college tape. He played meaningful snaps this year that he played well in.”

Sirianni said he has spoken to many players.

“Most of the conversation is getting to know the individual besides football,” he said. “I'm going to learn a lot about them in football. I know I'm going to learn a lot about them in football in this next week. But I wanted to know a little bit more about each player I've talked to personally, right?

“Then when I look at the tape, and I look forward to this when looking at the tape, being honest, having honest and open conversations with each one of them of what I saw in the tape, and how we can improve, all of us improve.”

Really though, it’s the quarterback position the entire Delaware Valley wants to know about, and it should be the general manager’s job to answer these questions, but Howie Roseman did not speak on Friday.

Owner Jeffrey Lurie spent 15 minutes talking about the process of hiring a new coach and how the team arrived at Sirianni. Not a word about Wentz. And Lurie did not take questions.

The QB question, though, continues to hang over this team’s head like a dark cloud ready to spill snow.

Sirianni offered no concrete answers, declining to say if there would be an open competition if Wentz returned between him and Hurts.

“We have two quarterbacks in Carson Wentz and Jalen Hurts that are top-notch,” he said. “They’re top-notch quarterbacks. A lot of teams don’t have any. And so just really excited to work with both of them.”

Asked point-blank if Wentz will be back, Sirianni said: “I can't answer that. Again, evaluating everything. Evaluating everything. Again, there's a lot of things to go through. Evaluating everything.”

Frankly, it’s not Sirianni’s call if Wentz will be back.

He was brought in to presumably fix the former franchise quarterback, but nobody has any idea if he will be given the chance.

If anybody had clue, they would have said by now, right?

More than likely, it will be Wentz’s call if he wants to return, and there are reports swirling that he doesn’t want to, though he may not have a choice given the congestion in the quarterback marketplace.

Sirianni was asked if he had a timetable in mind as to when he wants to name a starter and if he thought it was important to have one in place by the time training camp opens.

“As far as the starter, haven't really thought about that yet and naming a starter,” he said. “That hasn't even crossed my mind.”

At some point, it will, and likely has already.

He’s just not saying.

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