Matt Ryan on 28-3, the Atlanta Falcons 2020 offense, Who's The Best QB In The NFC South + More on Pardon My Take Podcast

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Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan went on the Pardon My Take podcast for an episode that released Wednesday to discuss many topics. Among topics discussed were blowing a 28-3 lead in Super Bowl LI, his relationship with Kyle Shanahan since the historic loss, what it's like playing with Julio Jones, playing for Dan Quinn's job in the second half of 2019, seeing Arthur Blank on the sidelines and more.

On the pain of 28-3 and how much he still thinks about it:

"As much as anything can suck, as bad as it gets. It still stings a little bit," Ryan remarked when asked about the Super Bowl loss to Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. "Hopefully I can get back there soon and change the narrative. I gave my helmet a pretty good launch when I got into the locker room." 

On his relationship with Kyle Shanahan since 28-3:

"We're cool. We talked about it the week and a half after that game," said the 2016 NFL MVP of his relationship with his former offensive coordinator. "Obviously I was happy for him with the San Francisco hire, kept in touch with him. Reached back out to him after another tough one for them after the Super Bowl. I've kept in touch with him, he's a great coach man, he's a good dude...he's going to get one (championship), I hope not during the rest of my career but, he's gonna get one."

On Falcons offense having 10 first-round picks in 2020:

"Yeah it's crazy. When they said that I never really thought about it," said Ryan of the talent that could be around him this year. "But then I saw that and looking around you're like, 'Holy sh*t we got a lot of guys that were drafted early', a lot of guys that are from other spots that for whatever reason have ended up in our space. I'm always kind of bullish on that, I feel like they were talented guys and for whatever reason it didn't work out the first spot that they ended up, but now that we've got them, there's talent there and we can develop them."

On finishing the 2019 season strong for Dan Quinn:

"Yeah I think there was definitely like a sense of playing for him the second half of the season and being like, 'You know what this guy is too good of a guy, too good of a coach, we just don't want it to go out like this'," said Ryan of the team's strong close to last season. "So whatever was gonna happen let's finish it off the right way. We finish up 6-2 beat some really good teams, two of them on the road in New Orleans and San Francisco down. It obviously sucked the way we started, but it was fun to be a part of that ride the second half of the season. To see him (Quinn) kind of get emotional at the end of the year realizing guys were playing for him and wanted him to be there so badly."

For the full episode, go to your podcast provider of choice and checkout everything the Falcons' signal caller had to say. It was a fun, insightful interview and is definitely worth a listen.

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William B. Carver
William B. Carver


Matt has been more candid this year.