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NFL Power Rankings Week 17: NFC shakeup heading into final weekend

The Seattle Seahawks dropped significantly after their second loss in three weeks on Sunday.

The Baltimore Ravens have sat on top of our NFL power rankings for seven straight weeks. In the NFC, the New Orleans Saints have been the top-ranked team each of the last two weeks.

Those two clubs continue to reign supreme, and yet, there was still a major shakeup among the top teams on the last edition of our power rankings for the 2019 season. 

The Seattle Seahawks have lost two of their last three games, including this past Sunday at home to the lowly Arizona Cardinals. That's dropped the Seahawks four spots on our power rankings to No. 7 this week. 

It's the first time Seattle is not in our top five since Week 9. While the two recent losses hurt, the Seahawks discovered Monday that they will also be without running back Chris Carson for the remainder of the season. That injury news played a role in their drop this week.

After another disappointing primetime loss, the Vikings also dropped a spot in an NFC shakeup this week. The Saints, 49ers and Packers are now our top three ranked teams in the conference heading into the final Sunday.

Here's our full list of NFL power rankings heading into Week 17:

1. Baltimore Ravens (13-2)
2. New Orleans Saints (12-3)
3. San Francisco 49ers (12-3)
4. Green Bay Packers (12-3)
5. Kansas City Chiefs (11-4)
6. New England Patriots (12-3)
7. Seattle Seahawks (11-4)
8. Minnesota Vikings (10-5)
9. Houston Texans (10-5)
10. Buffalo Bills (10-5)
11. Tennessee Titans (8-7)
12. Philadelphia Eagles (8-7)
13. Los Angeles Rams (8-7)
14. Pittsburgh Steelers (8-7)
15. Dallas Cowboys (7-8)
16. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-8)
17. Oakland Raiders (7-8)
18. Chicago Bears (7-8)
19. Cleveland Browns (6-9)
20. Denver Broncos (6-9)
21. Los Angeles Chargers (5-10)
22. Atlanta Falcons (6-9)
23. New York Jets (6-9)
24. Indianapolis Colts (7-8)
25. Arizona Cardinals (5-9-1)
26. Miami Dolphins (4-11)
27. Jacksonville Jaguars (5-10)
28. New York Giants (4-11)
29. Washington Redskins (3-12)
30. Carolina Panthers (5-10)
31. Detroit Lions (3-11-1)
32. Cincinnati Bengals (1-14)