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Giants Head Coach Joe Judge Takes High Road Following Kelvin Benjamin's Verbal Outburst

As expected, the Giants head coach didn't have much to say about what happened between him and now former receiver/tight end Kelvin Benjamin, but what Judge did say was right in line with what was expected.

Giants head coach Joe Judge took the high road when asked about scathing comments made by now-former receiver/tight end Kelvin Benjamin to NJ Advanced Media after the Giants cut Benjamin.

Benjamin accused the Giants head coach of having it in for him and not giving him a fair shot.

Benjamin also took his comments further, opining that Judge lacks what it takes to win a championship.

"I’m not going to go into any specific situation with a player," Judge said. "I always have respect for the player and anything we share between the player and the coach, and then, obviously, we’re going to keep between us right there. I want to make sure I respect anything we said in confidentiality when we talked with him.

"There’s 32 teams that make roster moves every day--this was really no different. We decided to make a move we thought was best for the team and that’s going to be the category that falls into any move we make. We’re always going to make a selection that’s best for the team. I wish him well. I wish him the best of luck going forward."

The episode began during Wednesday's practice when Benjamin went over to have words with Judge and general manager Dave Gettleman, who drafted Benjamin in the first round of 2014 when he was general manager of the Carolina Panthers. Benjamin then ripped off his helmet and walked off the field, Gettleman walked briskly to catch up with him.

Benjamin, who opined that Judge had it in for him and who even griped about the team's social media account failing to show highlights of his performance from the spring, told NJ Advance Media that the team's staff had asked him to trim his weight from 265 pounds to 251 for training camp.


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However, Benjamin, who said he passed his conditioning test, showed up at 268 pounds after gaining muscle.

Things came to a head when Judge informed Benjamin, who also complained Judge sits around all day cussing, that he would be fined for being 17 pounds overweight.

Judge admitted that he sometimes uses colorful language in the heat of the moment, but he also knows when to control his choice of words. And even when he does cuss, he said it's never personal.

"One thing I do have is a rule here: We’re never going to attack anybody personally. So, there are certain things, maybe cuss words, whatever, we’re never going to direct them at a player," he said.

"There are certain times you have to use something for emphasis, or something comes up and a certain amount of energy on the field at the time, however, we’re never going to attack any player personally. We’re always coaching mistakes, we’re correcting the position by helping the person. We’re never attacking the person."

Judge concluded by reiterating his good wishes for Benjamin in whatever he decides to do next. 

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