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Marrone Updates Multiple Jaguars Injuries, Practice Absences and Rodney Gunter

The Jacksonville Jaguars head coach revealed a list of injuries and absences to reporters before Monday morning practice. He also updated Rodney Gunter's future with the club.

Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Doug Marrone revealed a list of injuries and absences to reporters on Monday morning, ahead of the Jaguars practice during 2020 training camp. Practice will be the first full day in pads. 

Tight end Josh Oliver suffered a broken bone in his foot on Sunday, Marrone said. According to Marrone the second-year tight end was running when it occurred and the injury was non-contact. 

"He was in shape, he was doing really well," said Marrone, "We were really excited. He's devastated obviously, because it shows he put a lot of work in coming in today at practice." 

Oliver missed much of the 2019 season with various injuries. The third-round pick was hampered by a hamstring injury that lasted from training camp into the regular season. Four games after he returned, a back injury sent him to the injured reserve list. 

"He’s stronger on the sled, stronger in the weight room. He looks explosive," Marrone said of Oliver last week. "He’s obviously healthy. So, you’re looking at a guy whose got a lot of the characteristics that you want."

Linebacker Quincy Williams underwent a successful surgery, Marrone revealed, to repair a core muscle injury suffered last week. 

Said Marrone, "he should be coming back here, you know, training with the players and seeing where he's at.

"I don't have any roster decisions yet, you know, 'are you gonna do this with him, do that with him?' We just wait to see what happens when, after the surgery's over and then we look at where he is from a rehab standpoint and then those decisions will be made later on when we get more information." 

Linebacker Myles Jack will also miss Monday's practice. Marrone said the starting WILL got sick Sunday night, but it does not appear to be COVID-19 related. He should be back once he feels better, according to Marrone.

"Sounds like just symptoms of being under the weather, but in this day and age, we just got to be careful."

On that note, Marrone also told reporters that the NFL and NFLPA had decided to continue the current rate of COVID testing among players, coaches and staff, which Marrone admitted, "there's a comfort level on that. I think that's a good thing. It's once that I think that we all embrace and I haven't heard anything, any negative talk about that." 

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Defensive end Aaron Lynch, signed this offseason, will miss practice on Monday as well. Marrone said it's an excused absence, "he's taking care of something personally."

Continued Marrone, "[Lynch] dealing with that and we'll see where that is as we go forward so we're in communication with him so it's not an issue." 

Tight end James O'Shaughnessy has an off day so will be working off to the side. And Marrone gave an update on rookie K'Lavon Chaisson who thus far has been forced to miss team drills due to a hamstring injury. 

"K'Lavon, I think we're getting close so hopefully by the end of the week—he's doing walkthrough and doing a lot of stuff like that, obviously it's just on the field stuff and we feel, you know, we'll get a good indication tomorrow when we test him and then we feel like we'll have him later in the week so we should be at full strength." 

Fifth year defensive lineman Rodney Gunter, acquired this offseason, revealed on Sunday that he needed to "walk away from the game" after learning he has an enlarged aorta and will require surgery. 

In a statement Gunter said, "after seeing several heart specialists I was told if I continue to play ball with my condition, I could possibly rupture or tear my aorta which is enlarged. This can cause sudden death or a severe stroke...

"At this time, I cannot play or have the surgery so I must wait. So at this moment, the best choice for me and my family is to walk away from this game.

"I appreciate the Jaguars for giving me an opportunity, and I’m thankful for everyone who has believed in me along the way. Thank you!”

On Monday, Marrone said they would like to keep the veteran Gunter around, even if not in an on-field capacity.

"We've offered to, a position for him to come help our football team. Obviously it's not on the field, but I think he has a lot to hopefully after this very tough period calms down, I told him to get back in touch with me and he'll be part of the staff in one way or another." 

Marrone said he told Gunter he didn't have to accept that offer right away and could handle the medical emergency; the offer will stand. 

"I feel proud that we're doing the right thing."