Report: Jets Likely Won't Trade Second Overall Pick

Sounds like the Jets won't be dealing the No. 2 pick this spring.
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After Trevor Lawrence heads to the Jaguars with the first pick, this spring's NFL draft begins with the Jets at No. 2.

As much as New York could use the second overall selection in a trade, potentially using it as the centerpiece of a deal to acquire Deshaun Watson, the Jets are reportedly likely to hold onto their first-round pick.

"I think the Jets, for one, are more likely than not to stay put," Sports Illustrated's Albert Breer wrote on Monday. 

There's always a chance the Jets will make a trade. The same goes for the Miami Dolphins, set to pick third this spring. 

Only time will tell how the quarterback carousel progresses. Perhaps a team ends up presenting New York or Miami with an offer they simply can't refuse in an effort to move up in the draft and secure a quarterback like Zach Wilson or Justin Fields. 

"[Teams] are quietly looking for an upgrade over who they already have, or for an heir to put behind an aging starter," Breer explained. "I think because of all that, teams will look at 2 and 3 as potential places to get those things, and with four guys that I believe are seen as worthy of going in the Top 10, whoever gets there will have options. Would teams have to go that high to get them?"

Breer also reported on Monday that teams have continued to reach out to the Jets about Sam Darnold's availability. No guarantees that the 23-year-old will be moved—the Jets have been effectively telling teams to check back with them later—but it's hard to imagine a scenario where New York trades both Darnold and the second pick. 

If new head coach Robert Saleh, general manager Joe Douglas and company decide Zach Wilson, for instance, is a prospect worth building around, trading Darnold would be a logical next step. Should Darnold stick around, New York has plenty of options at other positions—wide receiver, offensive tackle and more—that they could address second overall.


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