Report: Deshaun Watson Not Interested in Playing For Jets, 'Intrigued' By Broncos, 49ers

Houston's star quarterback would prefer a trade to Denver or San Francisco (or even Miami) rather than New York according to ESPN's Jeremy Fowler.
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Deshaun Watson may not be interested in playing for the Jets after all.

The Texans star quarterback was not particularly enthused about the prospect of playing for New York next season according to ESPN's Jeremy Fowler, demonstrating interest in suiting up for two other teams instead.

"Deshaun Watson has a list of teams that he's intrigued by. He's not pigeonholing anything but he's got a list. I didn't get all the teams but I was told the Denver Broncos and the San Francisco 49ers are two of them," Fowler said on ESPN's 'Get Up' on Friday morning.

As for the Jets, Watson doesn't seem to be considering them as an option here.

"Eh, probably not," Fowler said. "Maybe more so the Dolphins as far as viability."

This comes two days after John McClain of the Houston Chronicle reported the Jets are the only team that the Texans would trade Watson to.

"If they traded him, it would be [to] the Jets," McClain said in an interview with SportsRadio 610 in Houston this week.

Report: If the Texans Trade Deshaun Watson, It Will Be to the Jets

It's been reported over the last several weeks that Watson, who wants out of Houston, is interested in playing for the Jets and that New York is even his preferred trade destination. After all, Watson reportedly wanted the Texans to try to hire Robert Saleh as their head coach. Saleh ends up with the Jets, taking a rising star in Mike LaFleur with him to be New York's offensive coordinator.

In the end, Watson will have the final say due to his no-trade clause. That's why a report like this, dictating that the 25-year-old would prefer other teams over Gang Green, is concerning for the Jets. While they may be able to put together the best package for Houston—a trade that would be hard to refuse thanks to the Jets' surplus of draft capital—if Watson doesn't want to play there, it won't come to fruition. 


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