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What Will Breece Hall Mean to the Jets?

This former NFL scout believes Breece Hall can have an immediate impact on the Jets' offense, comparing the running back to Adrian Peterson.

Jets’ second-round draft choice Breece Hall will be the best running back the team has had since Curtis Martin. 

Look for Hall to make an immediate impact on this offense. 

Hall is a franchise RB. He is an extremely patient runner who will keep chipping away and chipping away at defenses until he finds even the slightest of creases. Then he’s off to the races (long of 80 yards in 2021, long of 75 yards in 2020). 

Like a sports car, Hall has that coveted second gear and burst of acceleration. This enables him to explode once he hits the line of scrimmage, and gets into the second-level of a defense (5.5 per carry average during his college career at Iowa State). 

Having a dynamic runner like this adds a totally new dimension to the Jets’ offense. 

RB Michael Carter is good in his own right, but let’s not kid ourselves, Carter is not Hall. 

Hall can catch too (82 college receptions), which will provide another short-range target for quarterback Zach Wilson when he is running for his life in the pocket. 

When we look back at this past draft, Hall will prove to be a steal early in the second-round. 

Do not let the fact Hall was not taken in the first-round fool you. 

Hall is an elite talent. 

He was my pre-draft RB1, and had this been 30 years ago, Hall would have gone top five. 

There is an increased emphasis by the league to pass the football in today’s game. This is seen by the fact only eight RB’s have been selected in the first-round since 2014. 

None of that will matter, however, the first time Hall takes the field. 

Grab some popcorn, because he will be fun to watch. 

“Adrian Peterson” is the name that went through my mind when I watched him play on game film last season at Iowa State. Peterson is the NFL’s fifth-leading rusher of all-time.

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One of the first things Bill Parcells did when he was the head coach of the Jets was go out and trade for Martin. 

Martin carried the Jets in 1998 all the way to the AFC Championship Game, back when I was with the team in scouting. I saw first hand what having Martin meant to the Jets. 

Will Hall be able to do what Martin did? 

That remains to be seen. 

There are different dynamics and variables with this year’s team then there were with that Jets’ team back then.

One thing is for certain, selecting Hall will not hurt. It can only help.

Hall will take pressure off of Wilson by setting up shorter distances for him to have to go to pick up first-downs.

Hall will also take pressure off Wilson from feeling he has to do it all.

Wilson can simply hand the ball off to Hall and let him do his thing.

Hall will also keep opposing defenses balanced and honest, as they will have to respect the run.

Hall will even open up the passing game more by forcing defenses to roll eight defenders down into the box at times, in an attempt to slow him down. 

It is certain. 

The selection of Hall will undoubtedly prove to mean a lot to the New York Jets.


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