Darren Fells Will Aid T.J. Hockenson's Productivity and Celebrations

Veteran tight end Darren Fells wants T.J. Hockenson to have 12 touchdowns in 2021.

Not much looks familiar to veteran tight end Darren Fells other than the Allen Park practice facility, as the Detroit Lions have a whole new coaching staff and a revamped roster. 

Only a couple players remain on the roster from when Fells last played with the Lions in 2017. 

For Fells, he is aware that his likely role will be to do the "dirty work" that will aid T.J. Hockenson in having more space to operate.

Despite being more involved in the passing game with the Houston Texans, Fells will embrace whatever role Detroit's coaching staff has for him. 

"I've always felt T.J. (Hockenson) has been an extremely athletic and talented player. So, being able to come in here and mentor him a little bit is an awesome thing," he said. "I feel like he's more of a F tight end, faster moving around and receiving. I'm more of a Y tight end, where I can go in there and do a little bit more of the dirty work. Had the conversation with him already, where if we're both in there, I'll be an extra lineman for him, (in order) to get him time to get open. We can pump that touchdown total up to 12. Then, I can help him with the celebrations, because those are pretty bad right now."

Hockenson does not feature an elaborate set of moves when he reaches the end zone, but his new teammate is hoping to change that in 2021. 

"His whole big thing was he just catches it and falls down, pops up and throws the arms up," Fells said. "So anything is better than that." 

To end his first media session back with the Lions, Fells joked that even though Hockenson may earn the largest portion of targets in the red zone, he can still secure some statistical achievements in 2021. 

"There's enough touchdowns to go around. If we're averaging eight touchdowns a game, I'm pretty sure I can get one or two."


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