Spielman Says Sheila Ford Hamp Attends Personnel Meetings

Read more on Chris Spielman explaining principal owner Sheila Ford Hamp's involvement with the Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions are now in full swing in their preparation for the offseason, with the start of free agency and the NFL Draft looming. 

Speaking on 97.1 The Ticket (WXYT-FM) on Tuesday, Lions special assistant Chris Spielman provided an update on new general manager Brad Holmes' and new head coach Dan Campbell's working relationship and the involvement of ownership in the new collaborative team effort.

"I've been around this every day now for the last two months. I've sat in the college scout meetings and (have witnessed) the communication between the scouts and the ability to identify what type of player you want and (to) have that clear and communicated and (for) everybody to have a voice and opinion on what type of player that is," Spielman said. "Sometimes, there is disagreements. Disagreements are good, because you can hash it out and always give your why. Between the pro staff and the college staff and Brad (Holmes) leading it, it is clear to me that everybody is on the same page."

Speilman noted that one of the questions he has been asked quite often is how involved is new principal owner Sheila Ford Hamp with the running of things in Allen Park, the team's practice facility. 

"Sheila has been involved by being in all these personnel meetings. She's sat in two days of offensive free-agency meetings and two days of defensive free-agency meetings," Spielman explained. 

He joked that he once had a nicer office, but that he has been relegated to working in a different area since the team's owner has wanted to be involved in the meetings recently.

Spielman also expressed that the final decisions are being made by Holmes and Campbell and that Ford Hamp "must okay everything."

"I plan to be involved. I plan to, as I keep saying, learn more about the organization. I don’t plan to meddle, but I plan to be informed enough so that I can make good decisions at the top," Ford Hamp said during her introductory press conference in June of last year. 

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