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Jamaal Williams' Celebration Goes Viral: 'I'm Going to Do It'

Detroit Lions running back Jamaal Williams was flagged for his celebration against the Minnesota Vikings.

Detroit Lions running back Jamaal Williams has an infectious personality, and is among the most likable members of the roster. 

For years, he has celebrated touchdowns exuberantly, dancing and enjoying helping his team score points. 

Against the Minnesota Vikings Sunday, Williams scored his second touchdown of the game in the third quarter, giving the Lions a 24-14 lead. 

Unfortunately, Williams' celebration in the end zone drew a penalty flag from officials. 

Williams and the Lions were penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct for his touchdown dance, which reminded many online of the "Hingle McCringleberry" skit from the popular “Key & Peele” television program. 

"I've been doing that dance forever. They didn't give me no explanation," Williams said, via the Free Press. "They probably was just jealous of my hip movements. But, I've never got a flag for that ever. Now, I got to figure out what I got to do."

Even though he was disciplined for his actions, Williams indicated he would still celebrate the same way in the future, but with a slight modification. 

"Hell nah. I'm going to do it," he said. "I'm just going to hit one (thrust). Hit one and go to something else real quick."

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