Jarrad Davis Aids Matt Patricia's Efforts during COVID-19 Pandemic

John Maakaron

Lions head coach Matt Patricia and his wife had an idea about helping health care workers amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Patricia, known to have sleepless nights, wanted to aid and be a part of the solution for many dealing with the wrath of a global pandemic.

Raina, Patricia's wife, suggested he reach out and work with the Empowerment Plan -- a nonprofit organization based in Detroit -- to create masks. 

The Lions had previously partnered with the nonprofit to support the homeless in Detroit. 

Funding was a concern when it came to creating the masks. But, Patricia made a commitment to help out along with players on the Lions' roster.

Along with assistance from the Lions, Patricia has aided the Empowerment Plan's process of beginning surgical mask production. 

The plan is to begin the production next week. 

The first call made by Patricia to a player was to Detroit linebacker Jarrad Davis.

"He's so great with all that stuff and he's very generous. JD is spearheading this with the players, getting the information out. He's really stepped up, from that standpoint," Patricia said via the Detroit News.

"I love their unselfishness," Patricia said. "I love when there's a call to arms, these guys always come through to help in tough times. Obviously, this is a tough time."

Detroit's third-year head coach has been recognized previously for his efforts in honoring the military community. In fact, Patricia was nominated for the NFL's 2019 Salute to Service Award. 

The award annually recognizes NFL players, coaches, personnel and alumni who demonstrate an exemplary commitment to honoring the military community. 

Patricia's support of the United States Armed Forces goes back to his time as an aeronautical engineering major at RPI. 


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I wonder if health professionals will come to Michigan to help out


The Lions and all teams have done pretty good