Lions Nab Auburn's Derrick Brown in Latest Mock Draft

Logan Lamorandier

Going into Week 16, the Lions currently sit at No. 5 overall in the 2020 NFL Draft. 

That could change quickly after Sunday. 

If the Lions extend their losing streak to eight games by losing against the Denver Broncos, they will automatically move to at least No. 4 overall. 

The Miami Dolphins face off against the Cincinnati Bengals this week as well. 

So, if the Dolphins can beat the 1-13 Bengals, the Lions will slide up the board to the No. 3 overall pick.

For the sake of this mock draft, I selected where the Lions are presently slotted at. Using The Draft Network's mock draft simulator, here were my results: 

First Round

5th overall

Derrick Brown, DT, Auburn

Listed at 6-foot-5 and 318 pounds, Brown is far more athletic than many men his size. 

Physically, the senior holds up very well with double teams, doesn't lose gap control and shows max effort every play. 

All those attributes are highly desirable by both Bob Quinn and Matt Patricia.

One thing that Brown can do that the Lions struggle with is rushing the passer. 

Da'Shawn Hand is the Lions' best interior pass rusher, but has been injured a majority of the year. 

Without him, Detroit has produced one of the most anemic pass rushes in the NFL. 

Brown could instantly provide interior pressure. 

He has a variety of pass-rush moves, including a devastating bull rush.

Playing in the SEC, Brown has lined up against plenty of future NFL linemen, and still has managed to stand out from both a power and quickness perspective.

Second Round

37th overall

Curtis Weaver, EDGE, Boise State

Weaver being available in the second round was a pleasant surprise. 

Quinn selecting back-to-back players along the defensive front can't hurt, either. 

The redshirt junior stands at 6-foot-3 and 265-pounds -- basically the same dimensions as Lions JACK linebacker Devon Kennard. 

Kennard is a nice player, but is not much of a threat rushing the passer. 

Again, going back to that supremely important department of rushing the passer, Weaver could provide an upgrade.

He has the athleticism and ability to play in space from time to time, as well. 

In Patricia's scheme, the JACK backer rushes the passer 75-80 percent of the time, but also needs to be at least semi-competent dropping into coverage. 

The Boise State product is comfortable standing up and even moving inside on prototypical passing downs.

Weaver has an explosive first step, too. 

His hip flexibility and bend around the corner might not be on par with some of the top prospects. Yet, he still frequently finds a way to the quarterback. 

Ultimately, his versatility, size and length fit well with what the Lions would ask him to do.

Third Round

69th overall

Baron Browning, LB, Ohio State

Talk about a defensive-heavy mock. 

Hopefully, this class would quickly turn the tides of Detroit's regressing defense. 

Browning fits the mold of a Patricia-type linebacker -- aka, he is big. 

Only a junior and weighing in at 247 pounds, he will likely still test out as one of the most athletic linebackers in the draft. 

Even with his large build, he has the agility and speed to keep up with tight ends and running backs. 

Looking solely at his measurements, the potential is sky-high.

Once you are in the mid-rounds, there will always be some concerns or flaws with a prospect. 

With Browning, he was a five-star high school recruit, yet was an underachiever at Ohio State. 

His diagnosing and ability to read a play are a bit delayed at times. 

He does his best work in run-and-chase scenarios. 

That's not to say he can't bring the pads, as he does play heavy. 

You would just hope that he could be developed and coached up to mitigate his biggest deficiencies at the next level.


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