Live Update: Quinn & Patricia at NFL Combine

John Maakaron

Follow along here with SI Lions Maven for the latest on what is said when Matt Patricia and Bob Quinn address the media from Indianapolis, Ind. -- site of the 2020 NFL combine.

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GM Bob Quinn:

- Quinn reiterates today that all Matthew Stafford trade rumors are false. 

- In regards to cornerback Darius Slay, all options remain on the table, including making a trade, finalizing a new contract and having Slay play out his current deal for the 2020 season.

- Quinn opens his media session discussing the changes to the combine media schedule.

- Quinn is expecting big things from tight end T.J. Hockenson going forward.

- Quinn states that since Detroit is drafting at No. 3, the organization will evaluate everybody.

- In regards to Stafford, he is already working out, and will be ready to participate fully in the offseason programs. 

- Quinn calls WRs, DBs and RBs deep positions in this year's draft.

- Quinn was asked by a media member regarding when he knows it's time to replace a quarterback. He replied that he evaluates the position every day. He also noted that Stafford's arm strength is still great and he might be more athletic now than he was four years ago.

Head coach Matt Patricia: 

Patricia is wearing a "Detroit vs. Everybody" shirt at the combine.

Patricia on Damon Harrison's release: "I have the utmost respect for him. In our conversations, it was that time to move on. Both sides felt it was the right time to move on."  

Patricia says Ben Johnson will move permanently into the tight end coaching role.