Quick Hits: Rhule Gives Update on Kirkwood, Decision to Waive Ibe, Dan Arnold's Role

Panthers head coach Matt Rhule discusses Wednesday's practice with the media.
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RE: Players running for mistakes

"The whole point of running is that running isn't the punishment, it's that you're missing reps. You're missing an opportunity to show what you can do. When you talk to players, especially guys that are trying to make the team they're like 'I just want an opportunity coach. Give me some reps' well if you get a rep and you jump offsides, you lose those reps and someone else gets those reps. It's a privilege to practice."

RE: A few fights at end of practice

"Well, every fight is different but obviously we want to be a disciplined team. My point was if someone does something to you and you feel like you need to turn around and fight, that's a decision you're making and there's going to be repercussions. Even if you feel completely justified, we're not going to win a lot of games if everyone does what they want to do. We believe you win games if you do what the team needs. So if we are going to take 15-yard penalties and be a penalized team, we're not going to win. So, if you're going to fight, fight but there's going to be some repercussions large or small."

RE Keith Kirkwood injury update

"I think when they first said it, they felt like it was going to be okay but obviously we're going to take every precaution and he was back pretty quickly yesterday and back into the facility so I'm glad he was okay. It's just a concussion."

RE: Dan Arnold's camp/role with team 

"I think Dan has had an excellent camp. He is an excellent receiver. We see him being a red zone threat, 3rd down threat, vertical passing game threat at the tight end position. He's a grinder, he's a worker, he finds ways to get his hands on balls, and he's the ultimate brand guy. He loves to compete. He's a good veteran for the young guys to look up to."

RE: Decision to waive J.T. Ibe

"I think I make every decision as kind of a one-off. I make a decision based upon what's best for the team. Every time we waive a player, every time we sign a player we just say 'hey, what's best for the Carolina Panthers?' and those are never easy decisions."


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