Ron Rivera says the Redskins were Never Interested in Cam Newton

Jack Duffy

Cam Newton is now officially a free agent as the Panthers released him Tuesday afternoon but he continues to find it rather difficult to find a new home in a dwindling quarterback market this offseason. Teams around the league have made decisions at quarterback that don’t include the former MVP, including the Washington Redskins where former Panthers head coach Ron Rivera is now running the show.

In an interview on WFNZ Sports Radio in Charlotte on Tuesday, Ron Rivera was asked if the Redskins were ever interested in Newton. 

Rivera said Washington never showed interest in his former quarterback.

“We have a young football team with a young quarterback. We have a chance to establish this. Where we are right now we have made a commitment to young guys,” Rivera said.

The Redskins traded for former Panthers quarterback Kyle Allen Monday afternoon, sending a fifth-round pick back to the Panthers. With Allen and 2019 first-round pick, Dwayne Haskins, on the roster, it makes sense why the Redskins would not sign Newton as they appear to be invested in Haskins.

Newton would inevitably bring in a lot of media attention surrounding constant chatter of when he would start if Haskins had a bad stretch of games. That is an unhealthy environment for a young quarterback and the Redskins obviously understand that.

A better alternative for Newton is to find a team where he has a legitimate chance to start. The remaining options are slim as the only remaining team with a need for a starting quarterback are the Dolphins - who are heavily reported to select Tua Tagovailoa with the fifth overall pick in April’s draft - and the Patriots, who apparently are not interested in Newton.

Unfortunately for Newton, the reality is that he will sign with a team with the belief that he’s going to start the season as a backup. He will be entering training camp without a secured starting job looking to create a quarterback competition.

Newton reportedly has passed a physical with both his shoulder and foot “checking out well,” according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter. A clean healthy slate will be beneficial for Newton’s chances to sign with a new team as he is supposedly “hungrier than ever,” following his release from the Panthers.

What do you think of the Panthers’ decision to move on from Cam Newton? Which team do you think eventually signs Cam? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below and discuss it with fellow Panther fans!

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Comments (4)
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He was simply a victim of circumstance, last 4 years were not very good due to injuries combined with a mediocre team that relied on the QB doing all the work --stretching the field with his arm (sore shoulder) not accurate with medium throws (never corrected bad mechanics throwing off the back foot) while holding the ball too long taking too many hits. If he's 100% healthy, starts for the Chargers, RPO type system.. He can win MVP again and get to another SB before he's done

Conroy john
Conroy john

Love cam newton!!! Cam will get plenty of calls when the dust settles, i really beleive he just needs a change of scenery,he has given the Panthers so much!!! And the guy has such a big heart with all the charity that he has done over the years,we are rooting for u cam,we will follow you whereever u land!! Peace and god bless u


I believe Cam Newton is a Hall of Fame, quarterback!
He loved the children and gave so much! It’s sad, now so much
negative is out now on him, with all his hard work, and giving back to Carolina, Atlanta, and other areas!

Something should open up for Cam again, and when it does, I
pray, he continues to excel, and give God all the glory!!!


I admire Cam Newton very much! He has a very good, and giving heart! It’s really sad for a good man like him to be treated like he has been! He gave some very good lean years to Carolina Panthers! It is sad he was let go
Like he was and many other quarterbacks that have also been injured were not treated the same way they did him! He gave that team his heart, and when he got hurt, and played through many injuries, they cast him out!

They could have sacrificed to help secure him another job, as he sacrificed his injured body to win many games!

I pray another team will be touched and give Cam Newton
another chance! He is a Hall if Fame quarterback, too!
A lot of his honors have been stripped from him, too!
Cam will get through this, with “shining colors,” with God on his side!