Belichick Complimentary of Agholor in Latest Press Conference

The Patriots' recent acquisition at receiver has been garnering praise throughout training camp.

Nelson Agholor has quickly made his presence felt a training camp, and New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick had no shortage of praise for Agholor's adjustment to the team.

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When asked about Agholor's approach as a player, Belichick asserted that "...he works hard... he is detailed and wants to do things the way they need to be done.. we've moved him around the field and he's done a great job" Belichick further elaborated on Agholor's ability to run routes consistently and with details in mind. 

Obviously Belichick's compliments carry quite a bit of weight, and his choice to address Agholor's methodic preparation has significance.

Agholor's attention to detail is impossible to ignore on film. Though he garnered a reputation for dropping the ball earlier in his career, his route running has an elite level of polish and precision that has consistently allowed him to gain separation -- arguably the most important trait that a wide receiver can possess. Agholor's route tree versatility has allowed him to separate throughout camp, and his consistency in getting to his spots has allowed him to quickly build chemistry with his new quarterbacks.

An issue such as the "dropsies" can always be assuaged through practice and mental recalibration -- in fact, Agholor already made significant improvement in that regard during his 2020 campaign for the Las Vegas Raiders. What's far more difficult to "improve" are the innate traits required to fit in the Patriots' culture. 

Though it's still too early to make any definitive statements, Agholor seems poised to build on his 2020 success in a system that should complement his skillset perfectly.