NFL Rumors: Raiders Are Prepared to Offer Tom Brady $30 Million Per Year

Devon Clements

Las Vegas is ready to compete for Tom Brady. 

The latest rumor swirling regards a contract offer for Tom Brady, which will come from the newly-moved Raiders. This new info was shared by future Hall-of-Fame receiver Larry Fitzgerald's father - Larry Fitzgerald Sr. - on Friday, in which Fitzgerald Sr. said Las Vegas "is prepared" to offer the 42-year-old quarterback a two-year, $60 million deal. 

Raiders general manager Mike Mayock and head coach John Gruden know if they want to lure Brady away from New England, it won't just be by having a better team or scheme in place. It will also have to be by giving him more money than anyone else.

About two weeks ago it was reported by NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport that the Patriots were willing to pay Brady "in excess" of $30 million per year to retain him. However, Tom E. Curran of NBC Sports refuted that report days later by saying that New England brass were "irritated" by that report, simply because no parameters had actually been set yet on what they would offer Brady when contract negotiations were to take place. So, the understanding was that the six-time Super Bowl champion wasn't looking for that much money because 1) money wasn't his primary concern, and 2) He wanted the Patriots to acquire offensive talent to bolster their offense, which the couldn't do if they gave Brady that much money. 

The Raiders will have about $51 million dollars in free cap space to work with this offseason, which is why they are able to offer an aging, and seemingly declining quarterback a $60 million deal. That will leave them with about $20 million (depending on how Brady's contract would be structured) to sign other players, which would likely be on the defensive side of the ball where they need some major upgrades. 

With a new stadium, a fresh start, a strong offensive line, a young, talented running back and some great pass-catchers, there's plenty of reasons for Brady to like the idea of playing for the Raiders in 2020. That's not including a contract, that, at face-value, doesn't look like a deal New England can match. 

As free agency draws nearer, it has become evident that Las Vegas will be the front-runner in the Tom Brady sweepstakes when the tampering period opens on March 16. So, it might be wise to begin thinking of what Brady would look like in silver and black, because the possibility of him becoming a Raider becomes more and more real as the days go on. 

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Max McAuliffe
Max McAuliffe

They would need to acquire some weapons for him to go there. Even with that, the defense would still be a mess.