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Carr Named One of the Most Polarizing Players in the NFL

Las Vegas Raiders quarterback joins a list of players named as the most polarizing players in the NFL.

The Las Vegas Raiders starting quarterback Derek Carr joins Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott and Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray as the most polarizing quarterbacks in the NFL.

According to Pro Football Focus, Prescott and Murray rank one and two, while Carr ranks as the third most polarizing quarterback in the NFL.

“Prescott is probably the most consistent of the bunch, and his overall grade over the last five years edges out both Carr and Murray. However, if we remove Prescott’s injury-shortened 2020 campaign, Carr and Murray have produced the three highest graded single seasons over that span,” PFF’s Seth Galina noted.

Carr was placed on Tier C, the mixed bag of quarterbacks with half of the entire critics believing they are elite, while the other half believed the opposite, and apparently, there is no in-between.

It seems like at the start of every season, Carr polarizes the media and the fan base.

Many believe he can take the Raiders to glory while others believe his time in the franchise is up and he needs a fresh start on another team.

Yet, Carr has been one of the most consistent quarterbacks in the NFL over the last seven seasons and despite putting up MVP-caliber numbers, he still continues to receive harsh criticism from all.

Carr finished the 2021 season completing 68 percent of his passes from the 428 completions that totaled 4,804 passing yards, 23 touchdowns and 14 interceptions.

He finished the season fourth for most passing yards in a season and led the Raiders to their first playoff berth in years.

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In his eight seasons in the NFL, Carr has thrown for more than 3,000 yards, including three 4,000-yard seasons in the last three years.

Carr's NFL Passer Rating has not fallen below an 87 since his rookie season (76.6) and his 52.4 QBR finished 14th last season.

The Raiders quarterback receives criticism every off-season and then goes on the field every game day and proves them wrong.

If there’s anything we’ve learned from Carr over his career is that no matter where he is placed, he will go on the field as the best quarterback week after week.

There’s a reason why the franchise has stuck with him over all the coaching changes and why Carr is the franchise’s leader in completions, passing yards and touchdowns.

What matters is that organization believes in Carr, his teammates believe in Car, and the NFL world was salivating to see how the Raiders would treat him.

So while polarizing to the media, to the people that matter the most, Carr is anything but polarizing.  He is respected.

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