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Nelson Agholor is a Must Sign During the Off-Season

Nelson Agholor showed his value to the Las Vegas Raiders this season. He's a must sign for the Silver and Black.

A major tool for the Las Vegas Raiders this past season was wide receiver Nelson Agholor.

Hitting free agency this off-season, Nelson Agholor is a player the Raiders can't let slip away. He came in clutch when others, such as rookie wide receiver Henry Ruggs III, were covered and couldn’t get open down the field.

Agholor finished last season ranked No. 2 in the NFL in average yards per catch with 18.7 yards per reception. He also finished No. 2 in the NFL with average yards per target of 15.4 yards.

With that said, it’s not like Agholor is perfect on the field as well.

He had a drop rate of 8.6% last season, which was No. 8 in the NFL when it came to drops.

However, Agholor showcased on the field that he can be the deep threat weapon the Raiders need and continue to utilize to add that third dimension to their offense.

While Agholor won’t suddenly pass the likes of tight end Darren Waller to become the primary target on the Raiders, he proved this season that he has a legitimate role on the Silver and Black offense.

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Reports from multiple outlets are saying that Agholor’s decision will come down to money.

The Raiders already busted with receiver Tyrell Williams, who has only played in 14 games in two seasons due to his struggles with injuries.

One NFL General Manager spoke to Raider Maven publisher Hondo Carpenter about Agholor.  Carpenter previously reported an "NFL member of team management told me that he believes that Nelson will return to the Raiders for a two-year deal valued at $15-million total range. Because of the coming salary cap apocalypse, he expects no one to spend stupid money as they might in the past. Nelson wants to be a Raider and the Raiders want him, so that is the expectation. Nelson has to explore free agency, and that area is the numbers he is hearing and what people around the league expect."

For example, others feel a four-year, $44-million deal with $10 million guaranteed is more in the mix.  The point is that he wants to be a Raider and the Raiders want him back.

Agholor isn’t the only player the Raiders have to worry about when it comes to money.

I’ll talk about more players and their potential impacts in the coming days.

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