Go Inside an NFL Draft War Room

Las Vegas Raiders and NFL fans, in general, are waiting anxiously for the NFL Draft, but few get an inside look at the, "War Room," like you will with this insiders look.
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Henderson, Nev.—The Raider Nation waits with heightened anticipation for the NFL Draft set to get underway April 29-May 1, 2021.

But while anticipation is high for the NFL’s premier off-the-field event, very few fans ever get an insider’s access to what goes on in the now-famous war room.

That is why Sports Illustrated’s Raider Maven caught up former NFL coach and insider Jim Mora, Jr. to take fans where they aren’t allowed to go: inside an NFL war room.

We asked Mora to give the fans inside access to what goes on, and he certainly didn’t disappoint.

“It gets really intense. Long days filled with a lot of discussion and film study,” Mora said. 

“You are typical in a gigantic room with monitors all over so everyone has a clear view of the video you are about to watch.  

“You got your board where you are ranking all of your players, one thru 350, but also by position.”

But Mora took fans to the dark side of the draft. In today’s NFL, character means as much as talent, and Mora explains how that plays in the minds of the NFL movers and shakers.

“You’ve got your character board. Guys that you are not going to take, you recognize that talent, you are also aren’t going to take them.”

So what is the actual day like? Mora shares from his experience.

“The day is generally filled with the general manager or the head coach, whoever is the primary decision maker running a meeting,” Mora elaborated. “It will start with a player A and a scout coming up and reading his report. A report he has generated over four years that he has been watching him in college.

“This report will involve his background checks, his high school career, and obviously his college career. Discussions with trainers and equipment men, janitorial services, and academic services to truly get a look at what his character is.”

Mora had much more to say about the inside of an NFL War Room, and you can watch it in the video above.

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