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The Jameis Winston Doubters Parallel the Drew Brees Doubters of 2006

Here's the truth. Drew Brees doubters and naysayers were just as passionate in 2006 as the ones who cast doubts about Jameis Winston today.

Here's the truth. Drew Brees doubters and naysayers were just as passionate in 2006 as the ones who cast doubts about Jameis Winston today.

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Most Saints fans, some media, and podcasters were too young to recall Drew Brees signing with the team, let alone the negative commentary hurled at the future Hall of Famer.

For most who have "thrown shade" at Winston, it's another example of "convenient amnesia."

Let's be honest, Drew Brees was shown the door in San Diego by a front office executive that the Mannings strategically maneuvered a No. 1 draft pick from the Chargers to swap with the Giants, and the rest is history. Eli wins two Super Bowl rings, Rivers none.

Back to Brees and Winston

Brees was called "hot garbage" because of his injured shoulder. He proved his naysayers wrong through his grit, passion, and excellence in this profession — also a little help from Dr. James Andrews repairing his shoulder.

For everyone who says "Winston Sucks" because of his poor numbers, let's examine.

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It took Drew Brees nine seasons before he reached a Super Bowl. Jameis Winston is entering year No. 8. Perhaps, Winston's negative commentary for his dreadful 30 interceptions is somewhat deserving, but the Bucs' offensive was mediocre at best. After seven years in the NFL, Brees had 88 interceptions compared to Winston's 91. Let it sink in.

The same goes for Winston. Jameis sat for a season to rehabilitate his career from a season of greatness and hell. The focus on his 30-30 found plenty wanting to drive him out of Tampa like he was Frankenstein being ousted from the village. (Watch the movie or read the book.) Besides the 30 horrid interceptions, his 5,109 passing yards and 33 touchdowns were impressive for an NFL quarterback in his fifth season.

Here's the bottom line. Jameis ain't Drew and Brees ain't Winston. I think I said that correctly, but let's move on to reality. New Orleans set up Winston for success in 2022. He and every team will have question marks. How will the offensive line protect him? Can Winston gel with Thomas, Landry, and Olave? Will Alvin Kamara be available? What will his relationship be like with Dennis Allen and Pete Carmichael Jr.? 

Albeit, the truth lies within the decision-making. Brees tossed 79 interceptions in his first five seasons with New Orleans. In 2006, he deserved to get a pass by winning the Lombardi Trophy — but he was a turnover magnet at times.

Fans and coaches shouldn't be too quick to judge and give Winston the hook this season should he hit a rough patch. Good quarterbacks rise out of dark situations. Great quarterbacks excel through adversity and claim victory with their performances in crunch time. Given a chance, Winston will have that opportunity.

Can it happen?

We shall see.