Saints Fans React to Kevin James playing Sean Payton

Saints fans and Who Dats react to Kevin James portraying Sean Payton in a future Netflix movie project.

After further review, Saints fans react to Kevin James portraying Sean Payton in a new Netflix film. The verdict? It's a NEAUX for Who Dats!

James is a fantastic comedic actor, and maybe the script calls for levity, but the resemblance and manner of Payton is in question. 

We put up a poll on Twitter about Kevin James' selection to play Coach Payton. When I wrote this article, 71.4% say NO, 14% tweeted YES, and 14% are numb to it all.

Adam Sandler is Kevin James' friend and co-star in several movies. Sandler's Happy Madison Productions is the film and television production company of the movie Home Team.

According to What's On Netflix, "the movie will cover an amateur youth American football team called the Peewee Warriors." The focus will on Sean Payton coaching his son Connor's football team and their relationship while he served out his one-year suspension from the alleged Bountygate scandal.

For now, James will have to grow on Saints fans and Who Dats as Sean Payton.  Nevertheless, it should be fun.