Sean Payton Responds to Michael Thomas Trade Speculation

The Michael Thomas trade pipe dream to your favorite team got squashed pretty quickly.
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Whether you read much into Sunday Splash Reports or crazy hot takes, there was one that surfaced on Saturday morning from Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk involving the Saints being willing to discuss trade offers for Michael Thomas that created some civil unrest on social media. Per his article, Florio stated that some in league circles believe that the Saints could be willing to move him, and/or that Thomas could be interested in moving.

Only Thomas and the Saints know whether he could actually play on Sunday, or whether he’s simply being parked to preserve potential trade value. Only Thomas (and his agents) and the Saints know whether the two sides are thinking about going their separate ways and hoping that someone will call the Saints and initiate discussions aimed at making it happen.

Regardless, the Saints don’t have accidents. Everything that has been reported about Thomas in recent weeks most likely has been leaked. And while it’s yet to be reported that the Saints are shopping Thomas (then again, another round of Sunday Splash! reports is just a day away), the strategy on this one may be to see whether anyone makes an offer the Saints won’t refuse.

Sean Payton responded in the most Sean Payton way on Saturday afternoon. From his personal Twitter account, Payton commented on a tweet from Bleacher Report by saying, "Insiders on the Outside where they belong."

Sean Payton responds to Michael Thomas trade speculation

Sean Payton responds to Michael Thomas trade speculation

Thomas was on his way back to action for Sunday after facing team discipline before the bye week, but got ruled out with a hamstring injury. That's all there is to it. Dealing Thomas makes no sense for the Saints to incur a $20 million salary cap charge for 2021. As many players have said, particularly the leaders in the Saints locker room, the in-house fight issue between Thomas and C.J. Gardner-Johnson was solved, and he's going to be an important part of what the team will do going forward.