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Is Penei Sewell a New Orleans Saints Draft Target?

Our partner site at reported the New Orleans Saints are attempting to trade up and draft offensive lineman Penei Sewell.

SNN's partner site at reported New Orleans targets Oregon offensive tackle Penei Sewell in tonight's draft.  I confirmed with Mike "Fish" Fisher, a longtime NFL reporter and site publisher, his sources told him about the Saints' intentions to trade up into the Top 10 and select Sewell.

Two league sources tell that the Saints are working toward a potential trade up in the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft. … and into the top 10 of the draft order.

This morning, Ian Rapoport shared the Saints intentions to move up in the draft, but to possibly target a cornerback.  The challenge for Loomis and Payton is the fact New Orleans holds very little draft capital at No. 28 and several other picks this weekend for them to jump into a Top 10 spot.  

A likely scenario would be for the Saints to execute a trade with one of their star players/starter and package a deal with future high draft picks.

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I reported a few days ago for Saints fans not to be "SHOCKED AND DISMAYED" if the team would select an offensive lineman as their first-round pick.

At the moment, everything is speculatory until a trade is made by New Orleans.

We will have more on this development on the Saints News Network.