Never Mind, J.J. Watt Didn't Name His Top Free Agency Teams Via Peloton

Another J.J. Watt free agency clue down the drain.
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Once again, the J.J. Watt free agency frenzy took a sharp right, only to be wrong. 

Monday morning exploded on the news front when the belief that Watt updated his Peloton bio listing the three teams left on his free agency list. Those teams included the Cleveland Browns, Buffalo Bills and Green Bay Packers. 

The only problem is that the account isn't Watt's. The superstar defensive end put the rumors to rest quickly, tweeting out that he doesn't own a Peloton bike and that "KJ Watt" wasn't him. 

Maybe we should've guessed that. 

His brothers, T.J. and Derek, had some fun with the news, making fun of the fake Watt brother, KJ.

Which brings us right back to where we were - which is essentially no where. As everyone continues to look for the hidden clues in Watt's social media posts, it should become pretty important to ensure it's the right name on the account. 

No one can blame anyone, though, when a three-time Defensive Player of the Year becomes available - and his two brothers are already on the same team - the speculations get pretty crazy pretty quick.

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