Deshaun Texans Trade For 3 First-Round Picks? 'Scary' & 'Stupid'

'Scary' and 'stupid' - Hall-of-Fame receiver and plugged-in NFL Network analyst Michael Irvin, along with Richard Sherman, is right (and wrong) about a Deshaun Watson trade.
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My long-time friend Michael Irvin is right about a Deshaun Watson trade.

And, the Hall-of-Fame receiver and plugged-in NFL Network analyst is wrong about a Deshaun Watson trade.speculation, there has been no indication the Texans are willing to deal their superstar quarterback.

"He would want to stay, but he's OK with moving," Irvin said on a SportsRadio 610 interview with "Payne and Pendergast'' here. "And that's the scary part."

First, I know Irvin; he's not tossing crap against a wall. The former Dallas Cowboys star has an awareness, maybe a first-hand awareness, of Watson's disgruntlement. And he's right in a way that surely every Texans fan agrees with: That Watson's lack of belief and trust in this organization's leadership, led by seemingly naive owner Cal McNair and seemingly cunning exec Jack Easterby, is "scary.''

Damn straight. "Scary'' because a star player and team leader has been lied to (about the franchise's pledge to involve him in its front-office hirings) and has therefore come to a horrible realization of what makes this organization tick.

And "scary'' because in Houston, "life A.D.'' (after Deshaun) doesn't project to be very pleasant.

But there is another aspect of this unfortunate case that many are ignoring: Generally speaking, Watson leaving via trade is more than "scary'' - it's stupid.

Stupid for the Texans, obviously. But I mean stupid for Watson, too.

The New York media, doing what it does, has turned a trade of Deshaun to the Jets into a front-page story. 

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But let's paint a true picture. Let's say trading for Watson means the Jets giving up three first-round picks. The picks portion of this has been suggested by many in media, including Daniel Jeremiah here. (Worth noting: ESPN's Adam Schefter comments positively on the proposal, thus lending it some gravitas.)

Jeremiah suggests the Jets swap the No. 2 overall pick this year, plus a first-rounder in 2022 and another first-rounder in 2023. (I would pitch in that Houston would need Darnold in such a trade, but that's a story for another day.)

Congratulations, New York Jets. You now have a superstar quarterback ... in charge of a team that just went 2-14 ... that allowed almost twice as many points as it scored ... atop a roster that PFF ranks 31st in the NFL. ... serving as a front man for the only franchise in the NFL that historically may be more dysfunctional that Houston's.

Oh, and three fewer high draft picks for the next three years. (Though as our pal Marcus Mosher correctly points out, the cupboard wouldn't be bare due to New York's take in the Jamal Adams trade.)

Congratulations, Jets! You have just become "Texans East"!

Congratulations, Deshaun! You have just moved to a team primed to win four games, just as you did last year in Houston!

"Scary''? You bet this is scary. For all involved.

But once all involved work their way through the understandable anger and mistrust? The idea of Deshaun Watson forcing his way from one losing program to another losing program isn't just scary.

It's also stupid.

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