Texans' McNair Privately Apologizes To Deshaun

Houston Texans Owner Cal McNair Has Privately Apologized To Deshaun Watson. It's A Start
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Houston Texans owner Cal McNair recently went public and took the entire blame for the entire mess - the conflict with QB Deshaun Watson and more ... and now may be going in private to heal the wounds.

According to a new report from the Houston Chronicle’s Aaron Wilson, the Texans chairman and CEO has reached out to quarterback Watson privately and offered a personal apology for the dysfunctional behavior of the team's front office in this offseason ... and maybe for problems that proceed this offseason.

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We're told that there remain lingering issues in the Texans' locker room that date back to the trading away of All-Pro wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins, a move overseen by now-deposed boss Bill O'Brien but also approved of by not only McNair, but also by top aide (but "non-football guy'') Jack Easterby.

Maybe McNair's apology is a far-reaching one. And maybe there is more the organization can do to repair the chasm ... not because Watson needs to be "appeased,'' as many inaccurately speculate, but rather, because honesty and forthrightness are needed here.

After the Texans hired New England Patriots director of player personnel Nick Caserio as the new general manager, Watson reportedly did not respond to contact from the club.

Why? Because management had pledged to involve him, as a locker-room voice, in the search for a new GM and a new coach.

That betrayal was real and ill-advised ... as was the trade of Hopkins, an error that demonstrated this front office's inability to "read the room.''

Logically, as sources continue to tell that Watson has not issued a trade demand, McNair and company need to get the next move right. Watson is in favor of Tim Kelly, the offensive coordinator, being retained. He is also a fan of Eric Bieniemy, the Chiefs coordinator, who seems to be a finalist for the head coaching job (a group that includes Bills defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier).

As in any conflict, the fix can be as simple as an apology. Cal McNair has, at least done that.

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