Warren Moon Reveals His Deshaun Message For Texans

Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon is advising the Texans to tread lightly in the situation they find themselves.
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HOUSTON - Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon doesn't think the Houston Texans can keep going down this unfortunate Deshaun Watson-related path. 

"I think the only way this going to get somehow solved is they're going to have to get in the same room together," Moon said on the Jake Asman Show on SportsMap Radio. "Mr. McNair, their owner, [Jack] Easterby the general manager and also their new general manager, they're all going to have to be in the same room to figure out, 'Where do we go from here and what's the damage that's been done?''

"This," is of course, the unhappy star quarterback Watson, who hasn't spoken to the team since it hired their new general manager. 

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The Texans might even need to go as far as apologizing to Watson for not including him in the search for a general manager, said Moon. 

Watson is a big fan of Moon and has spoken well of him in the past. He wore a Moon Oilers jersey to a game in 2019. 

Moon liked the approach Watson has taken during the chaotic last week for the Texans. 

"I think Deshaun is doing the right thing right now," he said. "Just getting away, going on vacation, and maybe thinking about things. I'm sure he's got his advisers that he's talking to about the situation as well. The good thing is he's not trying to battle this thing out in the media. He's keeping things to himself."

Watson has returned from vacation as he took in the Rockets' loss to the Lakers on Tuesday night. 

Now, in Moon's eyes, it's time to talk this out. 

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"That's the first thing that has to happen," Moon said. "Communication has to happen and I think there has to be everybody in the same place at one time talking about the same subject at one time. So we all get all those same ideas."

When the two sides talk, Moon said the Texans have to be honest with Watson and make sure they treat him like a man. Watson has to know where he stands with the organization and be told the truth. 

New GM Nick Caserio said Watson would be involved in the team's search for a new head coach. Moon said he was consulted when the Houston Oilers moved on from Jerry Glanville to Jack Pardee. He made it clear he didn't seek out the input, but he respected the Oilers asking him his opinion. 

The Texans need to do as they say going forward said, Moon. 

"It doesn't surprise me that the Houston Texans reached out to Deshaun and said they were going to do the same thing, but then you have to follow through with it."