Video: Has Tom Brady Crossed the Line Promoting TB12 "Immunity Supplements" During Pandemic?

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Six-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady took to social media to promote TB12 immunity supplements. SI's Jimmy Traina reacts to Brady's newest pitch and believes it's in poor taste for the qb to do such a thing during a pandemic.

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Robin Lundberg: As Tom Brady is beginning to work out with his teammates, it's what he's doing off the field that has our Jimmy Traina upset. For more, I'm joined by Jimmy now. Now, you seem legitimately disappointed, Jimmy, about how Tom Brady is trying to to sell some immunity supplements.

Jimmy Traina:  Well, I think, you know. Coming out with a new line of immunity supplements in the middle of a pandemic pandemic is a pretty distasteful move, cities. And then like, you know, you can expect this from an unknown from wack job like Alex Jones, but like Tom Brady, like what? What are you doing exactly? I mean, he's always I've always thought the TB12 thing is a little much whatever the cookbook with the bizarre recipe is fine. Who cares? The recovery pajamas that are, you know, fifty five dollars. OK. That's stupid and offensive. But really, you're going to go on Twitter and Instagram and tell people to buy your immunity pills for $45 in the middle of a pandemic. What are you accomplishing exactly? 

Robin Lundberg: Yeah. It's not the price tag itself. They're actual costs. But the fact that he's selling them, right? I mean, you can't call it loony but if he was giving them away, at least there'd be something to it.

Jimmy Traina: Well, one it's a new products. So it wasn't like he's been pitching these immunity pills for the last five years somehow here in the middle of May. Month three or four of the pandemic here come these immunity pills. And I just think, like you've made two hundred and thirty five million in your life. Is this what you want to attach your name to? 

Robin Lundberg: Yeah, I wonder if he uses them himself. But luckily for him, he's not morbidly obese. Jimmy. Appreciate your time as always.

Jimmy Traina: Any time. 

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