Peyton Manning vs Tom Brady: Remembering the Great NFL Rivalry

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Peyton Manning and Tom Brady have faced off for over a decade as quarterbacks in the AFC, but how much did their rivalry impact the NFL? Patriots team reporter Devon Clements discusses the Manning-Brady rivalry and details what made it so special.

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Madelyn Burke: As Tom Brady and Peyton Manning prepare to face one another on the golf course Sunday for Capital Ones, the match, Manning says Brady is still mad about their last football game against one another. Manning's Broncos held off Brady's pass despite New England's epic final drive and that he's looking for revenge. So joining me now is Essi Patriots reporter Devon Clements. And Devon, just how would you quantify the rivalry between these two future Hall of Fame quarterbacks? 

Tom Brady got the best of Peyton Manning's Broncos last year. They'll meet again in Week 12.

Devon Clements: Well, I think the best way to describe it is its friendly competitiveness. We saw the two battle it out for the 16 seasons that Manning and Brady were together on the field. And, you know, it's really an all-time great matchup, in my opinion, because we saw some infamous things that went on between the two teams, whether it be the Patriots accusing the Colts on being crowd noise or Manning being afraid to talk in the locker room because he was afraid I was bugged. It really is some of the great memories I have. As you know, as a teenager and in my early twenties, because it's it's a great football that was played and it was two of the greatest generals in the football fields. 

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