Jamal Adams Says Its Time For Him To Leave The Jets

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In case you thought there was any room for interpretation, New York Jets safety Jamal Adams has made it clear he wants out. Adams responded to an Instagram report that the Jets want to keep him by saying, “It's time to move on. Let it go. Appreciate you guys. No hard feelings, nothing but love."

Even though Adams is a star player for the Jets, if he found on the outside, what is Jamal Adams' value in the NFL as a safety? 

Jets reporter Kristian Dyer joined SI's Madelyn Burke to discuss what spurs on Jamal Adams' resentment for the Jets and which teams could be interested in taking the coveted safety.

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Madelyn Burke:  So joining me now is our Jets reporter, Kristian Dyer. Kristian, where do you stand with the Jets and Jamal in light of his latest social media comments?

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Kristian Dyer: Well, sure doesn't sound like love to me, does it now, Madelyn? Really, what Jamal Adams has been doing over the past week, and this really is a continuation dating back to last October when on the trade deadline and reports surfaced that the Dallas Cowboys had reached out to the Jets about possibly making a move for Jamal Adams, a player that they coveted for quite some time right now. Adams took a little bit of umbrage with that and lashed out a little bit on social media a week ago when Myles Garrett news started to filter out that he was going to be getting his new contract with the Cleveland Browns. Jamal Adams made it clear that he has yet to receive even a contract offer from the Jets after claiming that he was promised one in January. Now, on Friday, Jamal Adams responding on social media, again, saying it's time to move on. It's just really the continuation of Adams wanting a new contract, wanting to be the highest-paid safety on the Jets, reportedly wanting to be the top team player on the Jets, which would put him north of $17 million. Some reports have even said he wants upwards of 20 million dollars, which is an awful lot of money to throw at a safety right now if you're rebuilding the team.

Madelyn Burke: Now, at this point in the situation, it seems the only viable option here is a trade. So what is the trade market for Jamal Adams?


Kristian Dyer: Yeah, that's what's going to be really interesting, because obviously Adam's is a very special player. He was the Jets' only Pro Bowl player and he's really the only star on this team, in a market that absolutely loves superstars. It's funny that the Jets, years ago, were built around great stars, but didn't necessarily have those second and third-tier players. Now, general manager Joe Douglas, in his first real off with the team, has built upon those second and third-tier players. Yet, now the Jets may be closing in on having to move Adams before really heading into a very awkward and unfortunate situation that could be a holdout going into the 2020 offseason. Adams has submitted a list of seven or eight teams that would be interested in him or that would interest him. It isn't a great surprise that there were a number of playoff teams, the Dallas Cowboys; Adams hadn't grown up outside of the Dallas area, the Cowboys are believed to be on the top of that list. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have been a team that has since created a little bit of buzz for Adams over the past 24 hours and a number of other teams, such as the Philadelphia Eagles, the Seattle Seahawks, and the Houston Texans. All teams that would seem on the cusp of perhaps needing a player like Adams, who is an elite player, but nonetheless, a safety and maybe a little bit of a luxury, given the position that he plays. Some teams would see him as an upgrade and being able to help take their defense to the next level.

Madelyn Burke: Kristian Dyer, you've been on top of this story since Day 1. Thank you so much for your insight.