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DC's Football Team Change Their Name to "Washington Football Team" Pending Permanent Name

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Washington D.C.’s NFL team will go by the name “Washington Football Team” this season until a new name is chosen after increased criticism surrounding its original moniker “Redskins,” which many believed to be an offensive slur toward Native Americans.

“For updated brand clarity and consistency purposes, we will call ourselves the “Washington Football Team” pending adoption of a new name,” the team said in a release. “We encourage fans, media and all other parties to use “Washington Football Team” immediately. The Redskins name and logo will officially be retired by the start of the 2020 season.”

Images on the team’s website show player uniforms with the team’s traditional burgundy and gold color scheme with a number but no logo, or Native American imagery. The Team plans to not use any symbols or imagery of Native Americans moving forward after the name change.