Chris Simon's suspensions

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Deliberately stepping on leg of Jarkko Ruutu, Penguins: 30 games, Dec. 2007High stick to face of Ryan Hollweg, Rangers: 25 games, March 2007

Kneeing Sergei Zubov, Stars: 2 games, March 2004

Cross-checking, punching Ruslan Fedotenko, Lightning: 2 games, Jan. 2004

Elbowing Anders Eriksson, Panthers: 2 games, April 2001Cross-check to face of Peter Popovic, Penguins: 1 playoff game, April 2000

Racial commentsdirected at Mike Grier, Oilers: 3 games, Nov. 1997

Slash to head of Dennis Vial, Senators: 5 games, Sept. 1994