Top Line: Sidney Crosby talks Olympics; hatin' on Tortorella; more links

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Sindey Crosby will be able to play for Canada at the 2014 Olympics. (Damian Strohmeyer/SI)

Sidney Crosby

By Allan Muir

An annotated guide to this morning's must-read hockey stories:

• It's not just a matter of showing up and grabbing a medal now that the NHL is going to Sochi. Hockey Canada is doing its homework to ensure the mistakes of 2006 in Turin aren't repeated.

• It's not just Hockey Canada that has issues to address. The stories coming out of Sochi are mind-boggling.

Sidney Crosby had some thoughts on the Olympics (good!) and playing in the newly minted Metropolitan Division (not quite as good.)

• Sid also weighed in on the new schedule, and how the Olympics makes for a very busy year.

• When is a camp not really a camp? When insurance issues get in the way. Honestly, I have to give full marks to Hockey Canada on this. A million bucks spent on insurance is a million bucks diverted from sponsoring the game at the grassroots level. Good on 'em for making the right call.

• One player on his now-former coach: "The guys got fed up with the screaming and stuff." Guess who!

Chris Stewarthad a very compelling reason to avoid his arbitration hearing on Monday and get a new deal done with the St. Louis Blues.

Jonathan Toewsbrought the Stanley Cup back home to Winnipeg on Friday and appeared to enjoy himself.

• Any chance to watch the defending Stanley Cup champs is probably worth taking, but here are 10 Blackhawks games you won't want to miss.

• The Hawks made a couple of minor signings yesterday that could turn out to be fairly significant, including the 2013 Hobey Baker winner and a minute-munching defender.

• An undrafted forward is generating all the buzz at Pittsburgh's development camp. He's just doing what every kid dreams of when he gets a chance to impress the brass.

• George Malik does his usual bang-up job digesting all the Red Wings news that's fit to print, but it's his take on what the city of Detroit's bankruptcy means to the team that makes today's column particularly valuable. Even if you're not a Wings fan, scroll down near the bottom for this insight.

• The Devils have added a former Buffalo Sabres legend to their coaching staff.

• Calgary's fans will love newly-signed defender Pat Sieloff. The kid is all about old-time hockey, playing a hard-hitting game with a real nasty edge.

• Nothing quite like making the most of a bag skate.

• The Florida Panthers have some big plans to help celebrate their 20th anniversary season. The line forms now for tickets to Paul Laus Night.

• And because of course the whole Phoenix Coyotes thing just couldn't really be finished...

• The Dallas Stars are going to use both dynamic and variable pricing for their single-game tickets next season. A bold approach, sure, but honestly as soon as this team stops stinking at home, they'll find people willing to pay for tickets.

30 grand lying around, do you?