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June 19, 2014

By Allan Muir

The ring is the thing when it comes to winning the Stanley Cup, but a bit of extra cash never hurts.

According to Chris Johnston of Sportsnet, the Los Angeles Kings will split a pot of $3.75 million in the wake of their win over the New York Rangers last week. The bonus money comes from a pool of $13 million that's split among all playoff participants. It's not much, considering how much the league rakes in during the postseason, and even less given that the players don't draw a paycheck after the regular season ends, but it's a bigger slice than it used to be. The pool was doubled as part of last year's CBA negotiations.

The Kings, and all other teams participating, are allowed to split the money however they see fit, but each regular on the roster should see at least $100,000...more than enough to cover the charges for any incidental damage done to the Cup during the upcoming summer of partying with it.

Kings' budding dynasty reigns on cover of Sports Illustrated's new issue

Here's how the NHL's total bonus pool was divvied up:

President’s Trophy winner (Boston): $500,000

First round losers (Colorado, Dallas, San Jose, St. Louis, Columbus, Detroit, Tampa, Philadelphia): $250,000 each

Second round losers (Minnesota, Anaheim, Pittsburgh, Boston): $500,000 each

Third round losers (Chicago, Montreal): $1.25 million each

Stanley Cup finalist (N.Y. Rangers): $2.25 million

Stanley Cup champion (Los Angeles): $3.75 million

Conn Smythe winner (Justin Williams): $250,000

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