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The Philadelphia Flyers issued a statement after Claude Giroux was arrested for allegedly grabbing a cop's rear end.

By Allan Muir
July 02, 2014

The Philadelphia Flyers have issued a statement regarding team captain Claude Giroux, who reportedly was arrested on Tuesday night in Ottawa:

"We are aware of the reports surrounding Claude Giroux. Until we have more information we will withhold making any further comment."

Well, guess they didn't find his incarceration as funny as the rest of us.

According to the Ottawa Sun, Giroux spent the night in the hoosegow after repeatedly fondling the buttocks of a male police officer. He is expected to be released today without facing charges, but he won't get off so easy back on the streets. Based on the social media dogpile, he can count on several years of being the, ahem, butt of jokes from opposing players and fans happy to jump on his alcohol-fueled indiscretion.

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