Boston's Dropkick Murphys taunt crowd at gig in Montreal

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It's Rock Band 101: Name check the city where you're playing (“Nobody rocks like Springfield!”), whip the crowd into a frenzy and then ride the wave of adulation.

Guess the Dropkick Murphys missed that class.

The Boston-based lads made a stop in La Belle Province over the weekend to play the Heavy Montreal Music Festival. Rather than suck up to the 50,000-strong crowd as the other performers did, they decided to rile 'em up instead ... by comparing them favorably to Bruins fans.

Singer Ken Casey's compliment didn't sit too well with the Canadiens-loving locals, but he wasn't done poking them just yet. He invited his son, Liam, onto the stage and laughed as the youngster emerged with a Canadiens doll hanging from the end of a pole. The stuffed toy was unceremoniously bashed on the ground several times, leading to its head coming clean off.

Crazy? Hey, this is the same band that walked onstage in Vancouver to Queen's anthemic “We Are The Champions” shortly after Boston knocked off the Canucks to win the Stanley Cup in 2011.

Of course, it's easier to play the die-hard fan card after a victory. To go into Montreal and wave the Bruins flag like that just months after the B's were knocked off in Game 7 by the Habs? That takes some serious stones.

I'd like to see Montreal's own Aldo Nova try that in Boston.

Post by Ken Casey.