By Allan Muir
August 19, 2014

While P.K. Subban is busy drying himself off and wondering exactly how many amazing suits he can buy with $72 million, his two younger brothers are working hard to prove they deserve their chance to skate alongside him in the NHL. And judging by this video, one of them is definitely on his way.

 Jordan Subban, a 19-year old Vancouver Canucks prospect, and Malcolm Subban, a 20-year old first-round pick of the Boston Bruins, are spending this week polishing their skills at the annual Bio-Steel camp. It's a gathering that's legendary for the punishing training that players endure, but it's slowly building a rep for the goofy fun they manage to slip in after they've put in the hard work.

Take this clip of Jordan showing off a thoroughly fresh interpretation of the classic  spin-o-rama, a move that left Malcolm fishing the puck out of the back of his net ... and probably wondering why he didn't rush out and blow his brother up with a forearm shiver while he was pulling this ballerina crap.

There are probably better ways a prospect can spend his time than working out a wildly illegal bit like this. But if Jordan ever makes it to the NHL, we definitely want to see him work this kind of magic again at the All-Star Skills Competition.

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