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Video: Rich Clune of the Nashville Predators calls the guy who chirped him on Twitter during an exchange with Riddick Bowe and Sean Avery. Clune makes "Mark the dog walker" squirm.

By Allan Muir
August 25, 2014

Pro tip: If you're going to chirp Rich Clune online, you should probably remove your phone number from your social media profile first.

It seems that "Mark the dog walker" had taken offense when Clune and former NHL player Sean Avery got into a "heated" back-and-forth with ex-heavyweight champ Riddick Bowe on Twitter.  Coming to Bowe's defense, Mark took a cheap shot at Clune and his public battle with alcoholism.

That was a pretty sorry place to go, so Clune, a legend on Twitter who also happens to play for the Predators (number 16 in your program, but No. 1 in your heart) decided to have a little fun with the keyboard warrior after discovering that the man had posted a copy of his business card to his timeline.

Along with the revelation that the Bowe/Avery/Clune battle was apparently staged (or at least, all in good fun), there's some real audio gold here, as Clune draws out the gag and then leaves the guy to squirm.

What a beauty. After this, there might be a few more number 16 jerseys in the stands at Nashville's Bridgestone Arena next season.

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