Ville Leino: 'My Buffalo time was pretty bad overall'

Former Buffalo Sabres winger Ville Leino indicated in an interview with the hockey blog Grocery Twigs that he is happy his tenure with the Buffalo Sabres is over.
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Former Buffalo Sabres winger Ville Leino indicated in an interview with the hockey blog Grocery Twigs that he is happy his tenure with the Buffalo Sabres is over.

The Sabres bought out Leino this summer after signing him to a contract worth $27 million over six years in 2011. Over the last two seasons, Leino recorded 21 points over 66 games.

Prior to joining the Sabres, Leino played two seasons with the Red Wings and two with the Flyers. In 2010-11, the 31-year-old scored 34 goals and recorded 19 assists over 81 games.

Earlier this week, Leino -- after trying out but failing to make the Boston Bruins' roster -- reportedly signed a contract with Medvescak Zagreb of the KHL. As part of the buyout, the Sabres will pay Leino $1.22 million per season over the next six seasons.

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In the interview, Leino says, "Like we were just talking about those great organizations, Philly, Detroit, they were that, Buffalo is not that."

Leino was asked what he hopes to accomplish with his new team.

"I’m going to enjoy my game here, trying to help the team, trying to score some points, but most of all enjoy hockey. That’s when I play my best. It’s going to be a new start for me in Europe because it’s a totally different league and a totally different atmosphere – it’s going to be fun for me."

Leino was also asked what the worst moment of his hockey career has been.

"My Buffalo time was pretty bad overall. I was disappointed for the players and the organization and I think they are going to be like that. It’s hard to play in the NHL if you don’t have a good team. Obviously, that was kind of a tough time but sometimes life goes hard and you have to bounce back."

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- Chris Johnson