Video: NAHL fight ends with one-punch knockout.

By Allan Muir
October 28, 2014

If you made it past that headline without fretting about puck possession or the purity of the game or impressionable young minds, you're in for a treat.

Check out this clip from the North American Hockey League, a semi-pro circuit based in Quebec that hasn't turned its back on the allure of the occasional dust-up.

Ottawa Senators minor leaguer suspended 20 games for PEDs

No surprise then that when last Friday's match between the Sorel-Tracy Eperviers (that's Hawks for the non-Francophones in the crowd) and the Cornwall River Kings got a little testy, Guillaume Coudé and Dylan Garrioch decided to settle their differences Hanson-style.

The two danced briefly around center ice with Coudé luring Garrioch closer with a series of right-hand feints before feeding him a left to the jaw. That one punch was all it took.

No doubt the fans in attendance were appalled and immediately asked for a refund. Because hey, hockey fans hate fighting, right?

(s/t to Rob Harmon)

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