Mayor's Manor
By Allan Muir
December 05, 2014

Time was, the unveiling of a jersey specially designed for an outdoor game was a big deal.

Might not be for much longer if we keep getting designs like this.

We won't have an official announcement until Dec. 16, but according to the folks over at Mayor's Manor this the look the Los Angeles Kings will rock when they take on the San Jose Sharks in the season's lone Stadium Series game on Feb. 21. And it is ... underwhelming.

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We're on board with the white gloves and pants that reportedly will go along with it but there's not much of a hook to the jersey, is there? The two-tone is unique, but not the sort of grabber that'll have kids scrambling to update their Christmas wish lists. 

It's too bad. The Kings have a history of some pretty interesting designs they could have gone back to, like the royal purple or the Burger King, that would have been vastly preferable to this. And after a dull Blackhawks design for the Winter Classic and a couple of uninspired looks for last year's Stadium Series, it's looking like the creative well has run dry.

Or maybe we're being too harsh. What do you think of them?

Update: Icethetics has an image of what the Sharks' uniforms will look like, and it's pretty similar to the Kings.

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