By Staff
December 19, 2014

Hockey doesn't often get political, but when it does, it certainly knows how to rock the vote.

Count the Blackhawks among the teams attempting to get fans to exercise their rights for the 2015 All-Star Game, prompting their following to cast a ballot for Chicago captain Jonathan Toews and Co. in an endearingly throwback video campaign:

Blue Jackets revival, Brodeur bungle in NHL's plus/minus for week

​Toews and his teammates leave little to the imagination in what we only hope is the first in a long line of ridiculously 80s-workout-themed videos. Short-shorts, headbands, spaghetti tanks tops, goals, celebrations -- even Patrick Kane on a gazelle: this clip has it all. 

Credit to the captain on this one because whether you find yourself singing along to the tune or absolutely horrified their message is clear: Captain Serious as we know him may be dead. 

Toews is currently in third place in All- Star voting behind Buffalo Sabres forward Zemgus Grigensons and Patrick Kane. Voting ends on January 1st and with the deadline fast approaching, Toews fans are voting early and often to ensure their captain won't be left with a frown.

-- Whitneigh Kinne

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