Eliot J. Schechter/NHL via Getty Images
By Darian Somers
January 01, 2015

NHL officials have a pretty rough job when it comes to getting yelled at by coaches, players and fans. 

But they also have the best seats in the house, and who wouldn't want good seats for the Winter Classic?

After today's Washington Capitals-Chicago Blackhawks matchup, which featured a last-second goal by the Caps' Troy Brouwer, Canadian broadcaster SportsNet put together a highlight package featuring the best moments from the ref's point of view. 

HARRIS: Winter Classic win shows Caps' improvement is real

Spanning more than two minutes, fans get to see what it's like to ref an NHL game and be on the ice at the Winter Classic. 

The video presents up-close views of the game's goals, Alex Ovechkin's wipeout and the controversial call that sent Jonathan Toews to the box late in the game. 

You get to see the official discussing the call with the Chicago bench but you don't get to hear it -- there's probably a pretty good reason why.

[H/T: CBS Sports]


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