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Hall of Fame coach Al Arbour battling dementia, welcomes fans' notes

Hockey Hall of Famer Al Arbour, the former Islanders coach, who is battling dementia, welcomes notes from fans. Here's how to write to him.

On Thursday night, Toronto radio personality Howard Berger tweeted that heartbreaking photo of Al Arbour, the former coach of the dynastic Islanders, who is receiving care in Florida for his battle against dementia.

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Berger, who spoke to Jiggs McDonald, the long-time Islanders broadcaster seen at left in the photo (McDonald's longtime on-air partner Eddie Westfall is on the right), reports that Arbour, who was nicknamed "Radar" during his days in junior hockey because he always wore eyeglasses, is comfortable, in good spirits and loves passing the time reading cards and letters from fans.

And that's our cue to help.

Got a couple minutes this weekend? Why not spend them sending a good thought to a Hockey Hall of Famer who led the Isles to four Stanley Cups (1980-83) and won 782 regular season games, second only to Scotty Bowman on the all-time list.

Here's the address:

Al Arbour
The Pines (The Garden)
1501 N. Orange Ave.
Sarasota, FL 34246