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The Sedin twins Daniel and Henrik were owed an apology after Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin of the Stars made crude insinuations about them on a Dallas radio show earlier this week. On Wednesday, they got one

By Allan Muir
February 11, 2015

The Sedin twins were owed an apology after Jamie Benn (above, 14) and Tyler Seguin (above, far left) made crude insinuations about them on a Dallas radio show earlier this week.

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On Wednesday, they got one

“Jamie Benn has reached out to Henrik and Daniel Sedin to apologize for the radio interview he was a part of on Monday,” Stars president Jim Lites said in a prepared statement. “The Dallas Stars have the utmost respect for the contributions that the two have made both to the game and to their community over the course of their great careers. We will not be commenting on the situation further.”

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A team source confirmed that Benn, as Dallas’s captain, spoke for both players.

Despite the jarringly casual homophobia inherent in the initial comments, the Sedins handled the slight with all the dignity you’d expect from two of the league's classiest players. “I think it says more about [Benn and Seguin] than it does about us,” Henrik said. No doubt they’ll accept this apology—or half-apology—with similar grace.




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